On The Foot of a Great Cottonwood..

Fork in the Road

When I speak of love I am referring to what I call “Universal Love”. It is selfish and introspective, because you seek to understand/fulfill yourself and your needs. It is compassionate, you try to understand others and their needs. It is all-encompassing, viewing the moment from as many points of view as possible.

When you understand everything and act in the interest of everyone, there is nothing to resist you. The action is welcomed into being.

When I say I will run the frackers out of town, it sounds forceful and against a powerful interest. But the frackers are not bad people. They do not wish to poison the air and burn the sky. But they do.

They are good people doing things they feel helpless to resist. I will help them stop. I will help them rechart their life. Perhaps the CEO will pursue gardening instead. Perhaps the rig worker can move on to a fulfilling career as a romance novelist.

Life does not End when a job does. It Begins.

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