Remembering 9/11

On the Morning of September 11, 2001 I was teaching a college algebra course while several of my students huddled around pocket-radios talking about a missing plane. There was little wifi and no smart phones then. By the time my second class showed up they were too upset to pay attention, so I reluctantly dismissed them. Seemed silly to be so upset over a missing plane over the East Coast.
The response of the world to these shocking attacks was an overwhelming sense of love and sympathy. At that point every nation, every person in the world voiced their strongest condolences, even countries like Cuba. Russia sent a massive monument with a teardrop and the names of all the victims. The United States was the most beloved nation on Earth.
The response of the U.S. government was overwhelming and endless war and tyranny, around the world and at home. Of course now it is common knowledge that Afghan goat-herders had nothing to do with those attacks, that two planes can’t knock down three buildings, that this was all a pretext for tyranny. The continuing violence of the US federal government based around such an obvious lie lays bare the corruption that runs through it deeper than one can imagine, and the continuing participation by mainstream media makes everything they say potential propoganda. Big government and big media have exposed themselves as corrupt, violent, and illegitimate.
So what to do? My approach has been to act locally and always out of love. The first, most natural response of the world was love. I believe this is almost universal, and is more common when expected (see: The Golden Rule). Vote locally, get to know your neighbors, take care of the people closest to you, know your food and your farmers. If everyone did this, the world would become Paradise.

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