Methodology: Address victimless crimes via social and civil engineering rather than punishment. Greatly expand the purview of restorative justice programs. Make jail a place of healing. Arrest violence, heal victims, and mend society. I call this the Methodology of Non-Punishment and Universal Love.

Jurisdiction: The sheriff is the county’s only elected law-enforcement officer, and has authority over all city, state, and federal law-enforcement agencies operating therein. I would exercise the responsibility of authority to deliver a uniform representative justice system responsive to the county’s needs and well-being.

Crime:I will faithfully uphold the law, maintain the peace, and protect and promote well-being for 100% of Boulder County. The sheriff’s office will continue to effectively address personal crimes, and so too for the big ones. Justice will be brought for those harmed by gross financial fraud. Damage to county land, water, and air will be monitored and halted. Assault, murder and torture will be prosecuted, no matter who did it. I call this Big Game Bully Hunting.



Toby Fernsler, Sheriff of Love

Side Portrait

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